• Sleek, lightweight, ergonomic design is perfectly balanced to minimize operator strain and maximize comfort.
  • Configurable for either triggered or triggerless operation, so one design fits all your scanner needs.
  • Beeper with adjustable volume and bright two-color LED provide audible and visible confirmation of good decodes.
  • Easily integrated with Dynalab Testers and printers to provide a total testing solution.
Bar Code Scanner
The Bar Code Laser Scanner inputs bar code data directly into Testers using one of the RS-232 serial ports. Its highly visible scan line provides simple aiming, while the curved rubber nose makes it easy to orient the scan beam. This ensures valid decodes the first time, every time. It is configurable for either triggered or triggerless operation.
The scanner is supplied with an interface cable, a power supply, and a stand designed for hands free operation.

5-1083 Bar Code Scanner - 1D
5-1183 Bar Code Scanner - 1D (Wireless)

5-1086 Bar Code Scanner - 2D
5-1186 Bar Code Scanner - 2D (Wireless)